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Thursday, June 14, 2001

I now have the four "sky hunks" done - the four strip pieced rectangles that will be joined to the season panels. See two of them here

Tomorrow, if I don't melt (while using an iron of all things!) the ground sections.

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Spent part of last night organizing my pale colors. Not such big piles when I separated them by color. I might do another test to see what it looks like if I intersperse colors with pale beiges. It's either that or go out shopping. LOL.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2001

OK, here is an idea of what I did today:

Here's the small test piece I did for the background/sashing area.

And here's my paper print out working design which has the sashing bits pencilled in.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Oh I did do some other work on this quilt today. I made the muslin foundations for the sashings, after deciding on how it would all get sewn together. I still have the larger "hunks" to cut out, the ones that go above and below each seasonal panel, but there is only one of these that has a design line in it. The rest are all sky or all ground.

The sashings are 4" W x 48" long. I marked the landscape lines on as well as some lines to aim for in terms of being near the corners of the panels. There are five of these strips. Shouldn't take too long to cover them with fabric, AND once they're done, they're done. Compared to the season panels that are covered with fabric but still need to be sewn down.

While we're doing measurements, the panels themselves are 14 X 26 as I recall. The whole thing is 76" W X 48" H.

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Did some test pieces to see if I wanted to piece the background sashing/borders rather than applique them. That seems like a go, but I wanted to look at the pieces for awhile.

And I put away most of the huge pile of fabrics - the medium and dark blues greens and purples. Now I just have a mound of very pale fabrics. Wow.

Actually is very appealing, just not my normal range of stuff to work with.

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Monday, June 11, 2001

Summer at last!

For the whole view: Click Here

Hope you like it! Tell me.

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Sunday, June 10, 2001

Went back and worked some more on the winter panel after talking it over with my friend Marge. The open ground area in the foreground looks lighter and a little more blue than previously. Try the mock up pages for the progression.

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Major progress on the spring panel tonight! Maybe it was the excitement of having game 7 of the stanley cup on (never before having watched hockey in my life - honest!) or maybe it's the pull of seeing the image start to look like something.

Here's the Seasons Quilt link and here's the direct link to a view of the work so far.

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