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Wednesday, May 30, 2001

yeah! broken through the "how to do this" barrier for the new seasons quilt. Photos later. Basically I set up muslin backgrounds with the drawings of the landscape for each of the four season "hunks" Now I can start filling in the spaces with fabric. Eventually they will be sewn into the quilt with normal seams.

On a local weather note - today marks two days this week that there has been hail. Hail is a relatively rare occurance overall. Twice this week! Tuesday I sat through a spat of heavy weather in the car - including quarter and half inch sized hail. Today more pea-sized hail. Amazing! Guess it's a good thing that although it's cool, it's not cold enough for all the rain to have been snow - we'd be shovelling til August. Makes for very interesting skies, all this weather.

Posted at 4:13 PM

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