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Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Gorgeous Day! I decided after picking up the mail, that I would spend one hour out looking for views and taking photos. It's easy to be gone a long time. So I drove up Rt 26 and got out of my car a few times to take groups of photos. Heard a most amazing...... bird? Sounded like a huge metallic spring - bwwOOOOing! Can't really explain it except it was loud and unusual. Never did see anything but some crows in that location. Saw a couple deer later on in my drive. They were still wearing their winter coats and looked surprised to see someone out in the middle of the day. Likewise, I'm sure.

What I saw today

Posted at 11:41 PM

After some problems (I guess you could call Tripod extirpating me (sorry, you'll have to look up that word) and other folks) everything is back up and running. I put an updated photos up of the winter quilt so if you'll go to "First Winter Quilt" at left - click on "Outer Borders" to see the latest progress.

Other than that - a lovely day here. Can't complain when it's warm enough to do errands with a sweater instead of a winter coat.

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