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Saturday, March 17, 2001

Finally! Now if you click on "March" at left, you'll get a directory page with each group of photos listed.

What I saw today

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Friday, March 16, 2001

Before we get to the photos from my ride home today - check this out! Three borders on the quilt top. Have to do just a little "un-sewing" before that fourth side goes on. Duh, sewed the top border on without pinning the side piping in place. Other than that it's really coming along! For the whole development of this quilt click "First Winter Quilt" at left.

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I'll have photos in a little while of what I saw today -- but I wanted to report in on where we stand in the season.

I've noticed the gradual changing of the goldfinches towards yellow again. And you can't count on Robins this year, we've had them all winter it seems. BUT -- today on my way home I saw a male red-winged blackbird with his brightening shoulder patches. What a flash he made flying overhead!

I got my feet rather wet clambering up a couple of snowbanks, and there is quite a bit of snow still on the ground in many places, but there is more running water in the ditches and little bits of green-to-be poking out here and there as well.

So take hope!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2001

It had rained, sleeted and iced during the early hours of the day. There was still a lot of ice in the trees, but by the time I had my coffee it was raining. Actually what was happening was a little rain and then a lot of bits of ice coming out of the trees. I was reminded of a poem by Robert Frost, because of the noise, but the ending reminded me that as white and wintery as it is now, it will soon be spring.

The good news - I did take some pictures, but not of the ice.....

What I saw today

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Tuesday, March 13, 2001

At last the prodigal camera has returned. While I was testing it this afternoon, I took a photo of the winter quilt in progress.

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