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Thursday, February 08, 2001

Yesterday (Feb 7) I finished the 62 border blocks with two extras! Took them to the East Side Quilters meeting and laid them out on the floor. I didn't see any glaring problems. A few of them are pretty pale, but I think that will be fine. I was glad I brought the small print out of the .gif file I have because it was hard to explain to people what these blocks were. And why was I starting with the border anyway? (that normally comes after making the center of the quilt!)

The sketchy gif file

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Tuesday, February 06, 2001

No pictures today, but UPS says the camera has arrived in NJ.

Yesterday we got about 14-15" of snow. It snowed at times 2-3" per hour which was intense but fun to be out in. It was still and quiet and the plow missed our road for awhile. While I was out shovelling I saw some big avalanches from the pines across the road. Just the smallest of sighs and a big cascade of snow. the snow was very light and powdery then - this morning it was denser and wetter. "great packing snow" we kids used to say.

This morning I had to drive to Menands for a 9 AM appointment. The sky was clear in some places but had heavy periwinkle-colored clouds in bands and the morning sun was peeking through now and then. The trees were heavily coated with snow and the sun made the snow a beautiful peachy-yellow.

Tonight I shovelled off the back, flat roof and got to see a lovely sunset. Pale pastel colors moving across the clouds. So subtle at times I wasn't sure my eyes were really seeing them.

In quilting news, I have 48 of the 62 needed four inch blocks done for the border on the winter quilt!

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Sunday, February 04, 2001

Good progress in the small squares tonight -- I have a nice pile of them done -- about a short side and a bit. And now that the "new thing" is past, it was easy to develop a rhythm for sewing the blocks together. I ripped a bunch of strips from the big stack of fabrics I'd pulled out, and I'm using them for the "shadows" and "tree" parts.

Time for sleep now, but it's always exciting to be starting a new project!

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