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Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Another bright sunny day - nothing on the calendar and I had a set of pictures in mind to take. I mainly headed up Rt 26 from East Nassau towards Stephentown. Today it wasn't foggy so there were more views! Actually there was a lot to see -- all different sorts of things.

So make yourself something warm to drink and enjoy the view!

Here's what I saw today.

On a different note - this evening I went to a reception for grant recipients at the Arts Center in Troy. I got to meet some of the other grant winners, find out what the grants would be used for. Had a good time and I wanted to thank the folks at the Arts Center for everything.

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Sunday, January 21, 2001

The sun was out today, and we got several inches of snow last night so it was time to don the winter clothes and head out. It was windy and cold for sure and a little too late in the day to take the pictures I have in mind, but I still saw some nice things.

When I got home the cats were all startled by me knocking the snow off my Sorels and they went flying according to Ron. They came back out to watch me undoing all the winter clothes - very interesting to cats all that crinkly noise.

Here's what I saw today.

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