The Latest View From Brainard, NY

Friday, January 05, 2001

Today it snowed lightly in the area. Enough to coat the roads and walks. Mainly there were tiny flakes in the air most of the day and very little sun. Late this afternoon I went for a walk and took some photos, but the day was pretty gray.

Here's what I saw.

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Thursday, January 04, 2001

I went around to several local post offices, libraries and stores in our area yesterday, leaving a small sign with info about the project. If you see one out there, tear off one of the tabs so I'll know you found it! I went as far north as Berlin. On the way back I stopped and took some photos of an ice formation and a view looking from Stephentown towards the south. I used that photo at the top of this page.

Posted at 6:16 PM

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