Supported by a grant from
The Arts Center of the Capital Region with funds provided by the
New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

From my grant proposal:

B. PROPOSAL: In addition to summarizing your project, please include why the creation of new work and
the creative process involved in the proposed project is important to you personally as an artist. You
may use this space and continue on the reverse side of this page if necessary to complete this question.

The importance of landscapes and views were part of recent efforts to keep a large mining company from changing the nature of our community. This reinforced, for me, the importance of being aware of what we see every day, both the beautiful landscapes and small flashes of nature. This local battle to prevent the mining and destruction of a local mountain led to the creation of the new Village of East Nassau. The new village is a small vertical strip of land in the southeast corner of Rensselaer County, encompassing Brainard, East Nassau, the Tsatsawassa Lake area and Hoags Corners.

My project plan is to create a series of six to ten new quilts, based on what I see in my travels around and walks in the Village of East Nassau area. I will take a series of digital images and slides during the year which will document what I see and assist in the creation of the quilts. I will also use them for interpretative materials when the quilts are displayed.

During the course of the year, I will post progress reports and photos about the creation of the quilts, along with images I’ve taken in the region. This peek inside my sewing space and process will be publicized not only to the online quilting community but via local newspapers and through links to regional and other web sites.

The quilts will be either abstract designs or more representational in nature. My recent work has included both pieced designs and raw-edge applique. The quilts will be based on the images that I encounter and photograph. I anticipate that the designs will include larger landscape views as well as close-up type images.

I hope these quilts will help the viewer become open to the beauty that is around them if they will become more aware of it.