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You know how it is - recipes come and go and years later you think you imagined that memorable fruitcake. Looking for that memory or have one to share? I'll post 'em here for others to answer if you'll email me. I'll post the answers as well. Thanks!

Fermented Fruit for Fruitcake

I'm looking for a recipe for fermenting your own fruit to be used in a fruitcake. A wonderful lady make this fruitcake over 20 years ago, Delicious! She gave me the recipe, it was called Brandied Fruitcake, but she failed to give me the recipe for the fruit. Do you have a recipe that calls for fermenting your own fruit? Thank You.

like a big raisin cookie...

I need a recipe for a fruitcake that is like no a big raisin cookie, moist..dark, ....not too sweet with walnuts and marischino cherries and pineapple, dates .....delicious!!!!!!!!!

With buttermilk

I'm looking for a fruitcake recipe that I had many years ago. The unusual ingredients I remember are buttermilk and cherry and pineapple preserves. If anyone has a recipe with these ingredients I would be happy to have it.

Just fruit - fruitcake

I'm looking for a recipe for a fruitcake that is a combination of dried/candied fruits and nuts, NO milk, flour, sugar, honey, rum, eggs, etc. The fruits and nuts are ground up, mixed together and pressed into a mold, loaf pan, tube or bundt pan. It isn't baked, is very dense, heavy and rich, and might possibly keep forever. More candy than cake. I remember this cake from the mid '60s, and haven't seen it since. Any suggestions? Help me if you can.

This sounds similar to a recipe I have for sugarplums, but that would be hard to mold as described - any other ideas folks?

Fruitcake made with condensed milk

I am seeking a recipe for Fruitcake that uses cherries, nuts, coconut and sweetened condensed milk for some of the ingredients. I lost mine and my husband would love one for Christmas.


I'll post your wanted recipes here for others to answer if you'll email me. I'll post your answers as well. Thanks!





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