Barbara Wood, Lake Oswego, OR



I've named it "Espirit" for the spirit in me and in others that has carried us forward through the abuse to lead productive, meaningful lives. The message of this quilt is that it is possible to heal. The spirit in me is the "Holy Spirit" from my Christian faith. Others may call it by another name, but it's the same being.

I quilted the dove and flames because in my faith they symbolize the Holy Spirit. I want this quilt to inspire others and to give them hope that they too can heal from the abuse and from the pain in their lives. I want it to encourage them to share now rather than later.

The healing comes in the sharing. I waited 20 years to share and I regret that. I want them to have the courage to walk through the pain, even crawl if necessary to get to the other side, because even though the journey can be agonizing at times it's worth it.

I also learned that there are people in my life who love me enough to love and support me through the process. I don't have to do it alone like I did as a child. The abuse cost me most of my childhood and it will always be a part of who I am. I now realize I can create a healthy, whole future for myself.

The bright colors represent my spirit. "Espirit" is a celebration of my life and the promise of a hope-filled future. I believe my healing has been a miracle and gift. I feel privileged and honored to pass the gift on.

 24.5 X 32 inches

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