Michele M. Martens, Watervliet, New York

I Wish For You A Safe Place


I am depicting what I wish for everyone who has been abused, a safe place where they can feel free and be without fear or hurtful memories. This place is different for each person, it could be a physical place or it could be a place in a person's mind. It could be a place for a living person, a survivor, or it could be a place we can't see for a child who has died. And it is also an affirmation for my child - I want him to always be safe from harm.

I have randomly pieced the background of kid's prints, brightly colored, and I used children's beads to make a house outline, with a heart inside the house.

I have always had difficulty facing things that are bad, or horrible, and emotionally I couldn't make a piece that is about abuse happening to a child, even though I know and understand that things like the abuse and murder of children happen. It's become important to me to create something about a safe place. By making this piece, I'm helping to protect my family's safe places, in a way, as well as expressing my hope for others' healing.

23.5 X 31 inches

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