Child Abuse Quilts

Revealing and Healing the Pain of Child Abuse

How can YOU participate?

Use these quilts at your own events and activities. Find places to show them to the public, to raise awareness of child abuse and child abuse prevention. Bring the quilts to your community to be a focal point in a discussion about child abuse, and the prevention of abuse and violence against children.

Where can you show the quilts?

  • quilt shows
  • seminars and conferences
  • government buildings
  • shopping malls
  • galleries
  • ?????

Shipping costs are generally paid for by the organization arranging for the display. You may be able to arrange for a grant or other funding to defray this cost.

The quilts have hanging sleeves to facilitate display at your event. Photo background stands, quilt display racks or dowels may be used to hang the quilts. If you have a quilt guild in your area, perhaps you could work with them to use their racks or to display the quilts at their next show.

The quilts are mostly 24" X 44" or smaller. A few of them are larger than this, but no larger than 44" X 48".

You can arrange to show all of the quilts or just some of them.

Artist statements about each quilt explain the quilter's idea and quilt.

For information about displaying the quilts:

Email: Mary Beth Goodman

Snail Mail: Mary Beth Goodman, PO Box 102, Brainard, NY 12024-0102

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