Mary Beth Bellah  Family, Undone From Within  Charlottesville, Virginia  30.5 X 18
 Linda Colsh  Hide & Seek  Everberg, Belgium  21.5 X 31.5
 Liz Copeland  Tail of Pain  Boulder, Colorado  43 X 31
 Heddi Craft  Through the Eyes of a Child  Santa Cruz, California  36.5 X 19.5
 Marni Goldshlag  Trapped?  Durham, North Carolina  22.5 X 28
 Mary Beth Goodman  For Nicholas and Christopher - The Reasons Why  Brainard, New York 42 X 40
 Kathryn Greenwold  Prevent Child Abuse New York Niskayuna, New York

 34 X 34

 Linda Hobbs  Homage to Daddy  Athens, Georgia  29.5 X 40
 Ruth Ison-Worbs  Heart and Hands  Tacoma, Washington  19.5 X 20
 Lisa Leutenegger  Ruined  Parker, Colorado  22 X 21
 Susan Lumsden  The Power Of The Spoken Word  Clearwater, Florida  29.5 X 41
 Michele M. Martens  I Wish For You a Safe Place  Watervliet, New York  23.5 X 31
 Linda Mason  Child, Abused, Healing  Elmira, Oregon  22 X 39.5
 Nancy Morgen  Waiting For Baby Lollipop  Columbus, Georgia  26 X 26
 J. Marie Norris  No More  Umatilla, Oregon  47.5 di.
 Sandy Pflanz  The Catch: Clergy Pedophiles Killing Life  Utica, New York  22 X 16.5
 Ann Pugh  Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Words Can Also Hurt Me  Las Vegas, Nevada  35 X 21.5
 Joan Robinson  Then And Now  Deerfield, Illinois  33.5 X 23.5
 Jill Ruspi  Incest Is Not Love  Gaithersburg, Maryland  26.5 X 21.5
 Judi Ruzycki  Let's Teach Our Children Well!  Derby, New York  25.5 X 24.5
 Marina Salume  It's My Flower And I'll Cut It Up If I Want To Half Moon Bay, California  41 X 46
 Susan Sarabasha  EMDR  West Danby, New York  24 X 35.5
 Priscilla Schrock  Crazy...  Oregon City, Oregon  41 X 23.5
 Andrea Stern  Heart of Stone, Heart of Flesh  Chauncey, Ohio  28.5 X 46
 Audrey Stulberger  Stolen Childhood  Livingston, New Jersey  25 X 25
 Debbie Wambaugh  Finding Rainbows Amongst the Jagged Edges of Life  Brookdale, California  25 X 42.5
 Barbara Wood  Espirit  Lake Oswego, Oregon  24.5 X 32
 Chris Zielski  Silenced Youth/Blinded Youth  Cleveland, Ohio  35 X 22

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