A Sneak Peek at the Arriving Quilts

These are the Child Abuse Quilts which have been arriving over the last few weeks. I couldn't wait to share them with you, so I decided to scan a bit of each directly on the scanner. Below you'll find a 8.5 X 14" sample of each quilt, scanned and reduced to 65 per cent of actual size.

Full photos of the quilts should be available very soon!

Many of the glimpses below only reveal a tiny portion of the powerful impact each quilt packs.

Audrey Stulberger

Livingston, NJ

"Stolen Childhood"

Barbara Wood

Lake Oswego, OR


Chris Zielski

Cleveland, OH

"Silenced Youth, Blinded Youth"

JoanWasser Robinson

Deerfield, IL

"Then and Now"


Linda Hobbs

Athens, GA

"Homage to Daddy"

Linda Mason

Elmira, OR

"Child, Abused, Healing"

Mary Beth Goodman

Brainard, NY

"For Nicholas and Christopher - The Reasons Why"

Nancy Morgan

Columbus, GA

"Waiting for Baby Lollipop"

Ruth Ison-Worbs

Tacoma, WA

"Heart and Hand"

Sandy Pflanz

Utica NY

"The Catch: Clergy Pedophiles Killing Life"

Mary Beth Bellah

Charlottesville, VA

"Family, Undone From Within"

Heddi Craft

Santa Cruz, CA

"Through the Eyes of a Child"


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