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 About These Quilts

These quilts were made by subscribers to the QuiltArt mailing list and other on-line quilters, from April to October 1998. A call was issued to QuiltArt for quilts dealing with the subject of child abuse, child abuse prevention and violence against children. About fifty people responded to that call.

Some of those responding knew the pain of abuse first hand. Others knew it through the eyes of others, often close family members. Some knew of it from the headlines. No matter the experience, a need existed to make a statement.

During the months leading up to the collection of quilts seen here, quilt makers conversed through email. The quilters were scattered geographically, but the Internet made it easy to share thoughts, ideas and feelings about making these quilts.

For some, the process of planning and making this quilt touched very deep and painful wounds. And for some the process was healing and cathartic. For others the quilts remain un-made or not shared, not because of a failing of the quiltmaker, but because of the realities of child abuse. To these quilt makers I extend a very deep thanks for being a part of our group, as well as a hope that your pain will be lessened one day.

To the twenty-seven quilt makers whose works you are about to view, my deepest gratitude for your quilt and for your courage in sharing your experiences and feelings.

Thanks go to Prevent Child Abuse NY for providing sponsorship and support for these quilts.

As a group, we hope these quilts will travel and be exhibited and seen by many people. Change comes slowly, heart by heart. We hope that each person who sees these quilts will leave re-awakened to the tragedy of child abuse and resolved to prevent it.


Mary Beth Goodman

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