John, from Butterfield Farms Fruitcake Company, offered to send the Society some fruitcake to sample. How could the Society say no to such an offer?

We received two types of fruitcake, each presented as individually wrapped slices, great for snacking and packing into lunches and gifts, or slipping into Christmas stockings.

The first tin held slices of fruitcake with a wonderful aroma of cherry and nuts. Although the Society doesn't put nuts into our own recipe, we're not opposed and these were particularly tasty. The cherries added a nice fruity taste without all the mystery and often artificially flavored and colored things that people wrinkle their nose at. The slices were moist and not overly sweet, getting an enthusiastic thubs up from the tasters we recruited to help the Society's tasting. (26 Pieces SlicedĀ  Fruitcake in a tin)

There was wild excitement on opening the next tin and finding - chocolate covered fruitcake slices! These are designated Butterfield Babes, Fruit cake blanketed in a rich, thick layer of milk chocolate. (15 slices per tin). Although the founder's taste in chocolate tends to run darker, these were quite tasty. The milk chocolate was a surprising and complementary addition and would probably win some converts to the fruitcake family.

Both of these would be tasty additions to your holiday party table and your private fruitcake stash (you know you keep some in your pantry for those late night snacks!). Check out all the varieties of fruitcake at Butterfield farms and know you'll be pleased with the tasty cakes!

Butterfield has an array of fruitcake recipes for you to try with various nuts and fruits and sizes to meet your needs and tastes.

(The Society does not receive compensation for reviews such as this, and received the fruitcake for consideration from Butterfield)





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