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Friday, May 11, 2001

10:08 AM
Changed degree name and links for comp network/sys admin program on RSC program and catalog pages and on SEC program page. per John Hammer

Thursday, May 10, 2001

1:23 PM
Put up link to Play Therapy Workshop on TSC events page

Working on getting evaluation both in MS Word and in web format.
see it in process

Did some HR work. They go up, they come down, :-)

Wednesday, May 09, 2001

12:54 PM
Put up temporary link from SGS to new pages for a Play Therapy Workshop on June 1.

Working on sample files for tomorrow's meeting.

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

10:36 PM
Spent a lovely day in Syracuse NY at an Adobe/Apple seminar. Great how-to explanation and demonstrations from the Adobe folks: InDesign, GoLive, Photoshop, LiveMotion, Illustrator et al. Good introduction about Mac OS X from the Apple Rep. Got to TOUCH a new Ibook. ooooooo aaaaaaaah. The presentors all had titanium powerbooks. ooooooo aaaaaaaaaah.

I did come away with some good ideas and tips. And had a pleasant time getting to know Enrico and John better and it was fun seeing Syracuse again after so many years. It was like oh! East Adams! Warren St! So. Salina! yeah!

Monday, May 07, 2001

3:04 PM
worked part of the weekend on web pages about the site, to go along with the consultant's evaluation.

Worked most of today so far doing a summary of the report although I found my own ideas peeking in from time to time. I finally decided to add them, but marked as mine.

Did corrections and a reformat on the Admissions FAQ page fixed some boo boos, added the nav links at the top, indented the text rather than having it centered. Changed the person/tense of a few of the questions.