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Friday, April 27, 2001

7:15 PM
Today was convocation day at RSC and it was very nice. Regalia optional, but I'd forgotten my tiara. Ratz.

New TSC welcome page

first page of locations area for TSC

This is really like a dummy version of a redo style. A starting point for discussion, but can replace the current area anyway.

3:47 PM
I've started working on a dummy TSC revamp - to show shorter pages with a consistent nav bar on the left. There's a brand new header gif - it utilizes the "Find Your Place At Sage" slogan.

So far I have the location sub-dir fleshed out.

1:50 PM
Evening College program page revamped, with nav added and schedules added at top.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

5:30 PM
Reunion schedule and welcome page now live

Sage Events Page now points at the Reunion Schedule.

2:44 PM
chained to my desk - just kidding! But no meetings, so page construction continues.

Did Reunion welcome page
Reunion Schedule

Awaiting approval from development/alum

Made correction - thanks Bruce! = to MAT graphic on page one.

Have Construction re-do pages ready to go.

Left message for Tim/Enrollment re the form he mentioned at yesterday's meeting. Opinion is we already have CGI support so if he wants a form, it shouldn't be a problem.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

5:22 PM
Met with Folks from Development and Alumni to discuss process and how to get development/alum links and pages up and running.

Attended meeting with MM, Deirdre and Tom to discuss what to do next.

Attended a portal steering committee meeting.

Worked on: Press release pages to get them more condensed on screen.

Worked on Buchman Pavilion Site - logo for front page, page with webcam shot etc.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

5:31 PM
OK so the RSC, SEC, JCA program and/or catalog pages link to the new SUM directory with the summer schedules in them.

TO do: replace all the RSC header gif with 3a so that it lists catalog-schedule

5:15 PM
SEC program schedule page. The welcome page needs to be re-formatted to be similar to SGS/RSC and include these schedule links. Tomorrow.

JCA program schedule. Ditto on formatting. This might be a good page to start on to reformat JCA pages.

5:05 PM
new RSC program welcome page with new schedule links.

4:21 PM
worked on sage front page and schedule directing page and then the revised version schedule directing page

Need to make a new header for "Sage Undergraduate Summer Courses" and place the SEC summer schedule into that folder, update links etc.

Discussed with MM the problem of unsynched files live vs hard drive etc.

Deleted "Communications" from SGS program page and while I was there put it into the two column format so you can see most of page at first look.

8:46 AM
From April 23rd:

SEC/JCA schedule live (under 120K!)

Downloaded and installed TextPad as a text editor. Used it to look for other instances of a broken email link for SGS. Found 41 instances of the same error in the files on my hard drive. I looked at a majority of those pages on the live site and none of them (except the one I had originally spotted) had that error. This was bad - it means that the live site is potentially quite different from what I have been working on AND it means that my attempts to update/renovate and correct problems may break as many things as they fix.

This is of course a strong argument for an external drive large enough to hold site files or a mirror site to store files on. It's an extremely strong argument NOT to allow people access to Charlotte if it prevents them from editing files on the server.

Monday, April 23, 2001

10:13 AM
RSC Resources page added column to right of body text to show resource links at top of page. Per MM request/analysis

Have most of SEC/JCA fall schedule reformatted. Down from 1.1MB+ to under 200K. Need to do header and it's done.

Discussed permissions procedure with Jackie Ford and will discuss this further with MM. In meantime, he will continue policy of referring people to me and I will request the permissions from him.