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Friday, April 20, 2001

9:20 PM
So busy today that I didn't keep up my list of what I did!

searched and replaced the SEC course schedule, making two pages that are under 18K apiece rather than 400K all together. Also tweaked the central schedule page so that the course schedule links are near the top.

Did a mock up of the sage front page with a drop down box/links to schedule pages, but suggested it would be better to go live with that when all four schedules are finished and reasonable to access (the last one to do is 1.4 MB) MM agreed with that.

Not only are the schedule pages a huge bandwidth savings but they are much improved in usability just in terms of load time. Breaking the summer ones into two sessions is better too.

Did a minor change on a PR for BR at his request.

Worked on the Nutrition guidelines page, but ran out of time to upload it.

Worked on the BLSA pages and they work, but not too well. Will probably see Kadeesha again next week.

Image maps are the bane of my existence.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

5:05 PM

Worked on ideas for live web cam link to front page. Discussed this with MM.

Did Earth Day PR for BR

3:00 PM
searched and replaced the SEC calendar

HR updates: empopps.html and ad_housekeep.html

Changed link at www.sage.edu for "We're hiring" to go directly to empopps.html

Consulted with BLSA president about frames problem for their site.

10:37 AM
pushed the RSC fall schedule, program welcome, catalog welcome pages live.

I'm going to look again at John Tribble's request for schedule links on SEC/SGS site.

will work on HRS when better description of changes arrives

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

8:36 PM
Finished tweaking the RSC schedule. Put "top of page" links inbetween all the course groups.

Worked on the http://www.sage.edu/RSC/programs page trying to shorten it up. Put it into a table with colored bars and anchor links to help people know what's below the fold. This hasn't gone live yet -- but the new version can be seen at: http://www.sage.edu/RSC/programs/welcomeadd.html

Looked at the Black Latin Student Alliance site which had some serious frames issues going on.

I continue to be amazed at how much code I know even though I don't like it. Sure nothing like pure code for fixing problems.

Poked a bit at some info given to me a department. Supposed to be easy corrections. Brought marked up paper and disk. Word documents and inline photos.

Have a meeting with M about past procedures and my idea for a "job ticket" with guidelines. She runs an idea she has for a new front page by me. It's very nice in concept and quite doable.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

3:34 PM
Deleted many MB of code from RSC Fall Schedule. Needs to be reformatted with HTML

Need to confirm style and placement of button/link on front page and whether there should be a hub page directing people in the four scheduling possibilities.

Created news page for Bruce re Ellen Ratner and created new image for front page of site.

Need to get an idea of what the next thing is for that front page "news" spot.